Welcome to the UK’s home of high quality cost-effective tapestry printing.

Deighton Needleworks is the on-demand tapestry printing specialist. Simon Deighton has more than 40 years’ experience in printing for the Needlework Trade.

Today, using the latest precision digital printing technology, Deighton Needleworks produce thousands of beautiful prints a week. We work closely with all kinds of businesses from start-ups needing small runs to established businesses requiring high volumes produced to tight timescales and competitive costs.

You design, imaginatively. We print, brilliantly…




Working with us

Our premises

Our unique premises have been designed to be  extremely cost efficient to run. Combined with our state-of-the-art production systems, we can maintain the keenest possible pricing structure, coupled to the finest quality available today.

Our service promise

Start-ups and young businesses are as important to us as our big customers. We are committed to give every customer, large and small the same personal support and service.

Everyone has to start somewhere!  Whether you are a new venture, or an established company looking to enjoy the benefits of working with Deighton Needleworks, we are here to help!

As the world’s first and only “On Demand” tapestry printing service, we offer all our customers fast order fulfilment. For them, that means less stock on the shelves, more money in the bank.


Origination and software

We recommend DP Software’s excellent Cross Stitch Professional charting software. Digital artwork supplied in this format will reduce the proofing charges.


We accept digital artwork from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel and many other formats. We can, of course work from paper charts, stitched pieces and painted artwork. – in fact, practically anything! For further advice or information on acceptable artworks email your details.
There is a small (subsidised) one-off charge covering:

-converting your artwork

-matching the wool colours

-providing a proof


Excellent Colour Accuracy

Because the printing system is digital, the finished print will exactly match the chart.

Colours can be matched to any wool/thread range and submitted for approval.

‘Unlimited colour’ pricing.

Our print prices are based on canvas and design size – no matter how many colours are to be printed.

This leaves you free to create even complex designs without any added cost impact.

We know from bitter experience that textiles are highly susceptible to swings in humidity causing design distortion and changes in colour.
We operate in a humidity-controlled environment to ensure consistent accuracy all year, every year.


Proofing quality assurance

We always proof a new design before production to guarantee that you are satisfied with our quality control.

If you design on PC / Mac, it’s your chance to see your design “in the flesh”. The proof is printed onto the canvas required and is guaranteed to be exactly the same as the production print. You can see layout and colour matches before production and make any changes you wish.


Fair Lead Times and urgent orders

We have proven production capacity to output 3000 cushion-size prints per week so you may rest assured we are capable of coping with the most demanding delivery requirements.

We aim to turn-around all orders within 2 weeks, and consistently deliver within one week.

We can and have delivered urgent orders within 24 hours –  much to the astonishment of the customers.


No Minimum Orders

To support even our smallest customers, there is no minimum print order.

We do require a minimum spend but designs can be grouped together to achieve this.

Contact Simon Deighton for details.

Our 150 Year History

Mid 1800s William James Deighton (Simon’s great, great grandfather) designs embroideries.

1870 William manufactured and sells the first embroidery transfers in England on a commercial basis.


white tree
Our Environmental Pledge

– We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful part of the world – and we aim to keep it that way.

– Almost 100% of the waste generated in our entire printing process is able to be recycled.

– Our entire production facility uses only water-based inks which are guaranteed “fit for purpose” ie safe to be handled or worn next to the skin. We don’t use any solvents or toxic additives in our processes.

– We have converted all lighting to LED, dramatically reducing our running costs and helping humidity control.

– Our factory is heated using an eco-friendly Air-Source heat pump, again reducing running costs whilst providing a comfortable working environment.

– Even our premises have been converted from redundant water tanks and given a new lease of life – the ultimate in recycling!

The Story of our unique Business Premises


Deighton Needleworks is a trading name of Graffiti Print Ltd.

Graffiti was founded in 1999 by Simon Deighton as a means of financing the development of the digital textile printing.

As both companies occupy the same premises and utilise similar resources, there is no longer any benefit in operating as two separate entities, and the companies merged on 1st October 2008.